back to square one

2 years back, I thought using a blog provider would be good enough for me, instead of starting from scratch with a web hosting service.

 For some reasons, I have decided to move on, from economical and practical perspective. I will share more, but in the meantime, it means my blog will be intermittently inaccessible. nevertheless, Happy new year!

2 thoughts on “back to square one

  1. Economically, I was paying for both my email and blog (mainly for domain name hosting for both) which are hosted by separate provider. When my email provider starts to provide web hosting free to its paid members, I thought I might as well shutdown my blog account and install wordpress in the free web host, so there you have it here.

    Practically, I wasn’t happy with lack of certain features in the previous blog provider, and plus zero control over when the features can be delivered, I decided to set up my own blog with my own blog software installation with the necessary add-in. Although these days, I think ‘vanilla’ is still the best!

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