Seven years itch …

Oh well, I am referring to my programming itch. It has been a while (easily 7 years) since I last do a proper coding, not to mention a utility program written for practical use.

The last time I developed a windows-based utility program was 11 years ago. That was when I developed an ‘NT3D32’ program to be installed on a then NT-3.5 environment machine, to create a 3D window user interface for all the system and user applications. Obviously, the software becomes redundant when Microsoft came out with its Windows ME and Windows 2000. But it has been a pretty significant achievement on my part, especially you consider that there’s lack of such capability back then. edit: I did a google, and surprisingly the utility program is still available somewhere in the cyberspace. Wonders of Internet!

Now, 11 years later, I am starting small with a Windows mobile 5.0 utility program. It’s an utility program that basically by-pass the messaging security enforcing policy set by Activesync exchange server, and this thread basically says it all.

Some screenshots of the simple utility tool


The program can be downloaded from my blog

it’s also being discussed in this forum



11 thoughts on “Seven years itch …

  1. FP says:

    Hello…thanks for the utility that disables Exchange policy locks on the windows devices….will be really helpful if there was one for symbian S60 3rd edition system too please.

  2. thanks.

    unfortunately, I do not and dont’ intend to go into symbian programming, as this also require a good understanding of the registry/configuration of the operating system.

    So it’s unlikely I will be doing one for symbian platform devices, unless I get one in the near future.


  3. bhushan says:

    i currently own the blackjack 2 running windows mobile 6 standard. have you come out with a modified program thats compatible with WM6? or is there any other way i can keep my phone unlocked.

  4. Syntetisk says:

    Hi Zen! I’ve used your unlock app for quite some time, and I just love it. I have now upgraded my Kaiser to WM6.1, and now the unlock app doesn’t work any more 😦

    It’d be super if you could take a look at that.

    Keep up the good work!

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