A tiring Day…(Monday)

first day of school,, I tire out my Day by waking Up Early…
my Father tricked me… You see… He Tricked me by Asking me to lie in bed then 2 min later Go use the For-The-ear thing and put inside… Zilch! Zip! I Scream on the Right Timing! Six Forty Five Got to Wake up anyway so I tire and Brush Me Teeth, and Then go to School… Sigh today So boring but After recess Got Good thing happen, My English & Mathematics Teacher not here!!! Yes! Don’t have So Much Homework To Do… Come Back Usually I watch “SAGWA” then i Bath then i Watch “SAVE UMS” then At the night… Here I am Writing This Blog Entry i’ll send in more this Week i promise!!!
-Ramondo Horace Raider joncell

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