Week 39: My rant snippets

It has been a very bizarre and tiring week, to say the least.

It has been 3.5 years since I took my current job position. And it has been that long since I work under odd hours, having to engage my colleagues in all 3 regions across the globe. At times, I works round the clock, 4 hours in the morning at the office, rest for 2 hours before 3 hours of conference call with the Europeans  in the afternoon. The day unfortunately doesn’t end there. A couple of hours break in the evening before a series of long night calls till 2-3am. I do find that it has been more physically very demanding these days for me to attend the night calls. Few days ago, I attended 2 nights of meetings (from 11pm to 8am, for what’s worth), and I took two days to recuperate. I wonder how long can such insane routine last.

Over the weekend, my car refused to start. Initially suspected of a flat battery, it turned out that the likely cause is a fuel pump failure. It was a Sunday morning, so I had to have it towed to the workshop and by Monday, we shall know what and how much will be the damage.

The week ended with my favorite club, Liverpool, lost to a minor club, Blackpool at home. Seriously, this is really f**ked up, and I hope Roy gets the booting soon. There’s a good reason why he spent his 30 over years of managerial positions with lesser clubs and winning nothing. Resume does not lie, there is so much you can sweet coat it.

End of…

Long week

This week must be one of those long unforgettable weeks in my life.
We got a puppy Corgi last weekend, on the 9th May, and had thought that our weeks ahead will be filled with taking care of the puppy. How I wish it was just that, even if it meant cleaning the puppy’s poo twice a day.

On 11th May, Tuesday morning, dad suffered a stroke and he was in a daze sitting on the floor, presumably fell after the stroke took place. We called the ambulance, rushed him to the nearest hospital, and after hours of resuscitation and observations, he was finally put into the acute stroke unit ward for further treatment & observation. He went through a couple of scans, and doctors confirmed that he had a large stroke, damaging his front left hemisphere of his brain. Consequently, the ischemic stroke  had affected the mobility of his right body, and his speech ability.

We were worried, and at some point, frightened by the incident. Dad had always been very independent and self proclaimed to be healthy, so his stroke incident really took us by surprised. On hindsight, we could have taken some cue from some slowness in his actions & slurred speech over the last few days, but we had somewhat dismissed them thinking that its part of his aging process. So to some extent, I felt guilty of his current condition, and just pray and hope that he would recover well enough so that he can continue a normal life routine, albeit with some form of assistance like walking stick and such.
As anything, we have to look at things positively, and so I like to think that the incident has brought our family closer than before. Personally, I learnt to be even more appreciative of  people around me, and never take them from granted, especially with my  family members. May God bless him and wish him a speedy recovery …