A football game

After going down with a flu for 4 days, I was ‘invited’ for a football game with the kids and yeez took some video of us in action. Ray and Kang were so adamant that we should play the entire field, when there were just … 4 of us? (both of them plus myself and their dad) Oh my god, kids sure have plenty of energy to expend, and I wasn’t sure if I can even last 5 minutes, let alone covering the whole field. In the end, we settled for half the field size, although the make-shift goal post (since we can’t shift the goal post to the centre of the field) got smaller and nearer, as the game progressed on!

Oh yes .. who’s the one screaming in the background? 😀 😛

Part 1 of video – checkout the exclusive interview with Ray


Part 2 of video – again check out our youngest star on the field … on how he ‘tread’ on the grass …


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