Run for Food: First oversea run

For the first time since my maiden run, I postpone one running session this week, as I only run 2 days after the previous run. I blame it on the intense meetings this week but I know it is a lame one. As I will be travelling for a business meeting next week, I tell myself I cannot let the momentum goes down. Worrying that I may not run at all while I travel, I decide to run more  more this week to “over compensate”. By end of the week, I have completed 17.36km in total.

It then occurs to me I should continue to run while I am in US. There is no reason why I should not. Without any hesitation, I pack my running gear with me and off I go (or “fly”) for my meeting in Cupertino at California. When I touch down and check into the hotel at noon, I decide I should run before the sun set so as to familiarize with the route. That was just the “Kiasee” side of me. It is anyway a very sunny but cooling Sunday, with temperature probably around 16-18 degree Celsius.

The run turns out to be a tiring one despite the cool weather. I think much of it is due to the flight fatigue. But it is still a good run, after all, this is my first oversea run, while on business trip.

My first "Oversea" running route

By the end of the run, I have completed 35 running activities, covering 126.67km. More importantly, will I continue to run while I am here at Cupertino this week? Or will I just fizzle out and give the “intense meeting” reasons again?

Run for Food: 4KM Full Run milestone

Today (28th Jan), I feel it is time for me to do a full run instead of the usual interval training. I have been doing “5 min run, 1 min walk” training for the past 1 week, and think I should be ready for a full 30 minutes run. Obviously I need to adjust my pace to ensure I can sustain through the entire 30 minutes.

Since it is going to be a 30 minute long run, I start the run with a slow but steady pace.  Since the aim of the run is to keep running without stopping, I have to regulate my pace between 7min/km to 7.30min/km at regular interval. Perhaps I could have push myself further, but the run turns out to be a relaxing one. That said, I have to stop at 29th minute due to some logistic constraints.

Most importantly, I have completed a 4km run without stopping. The systematic training that I have been through in the past 6 weeks, which saw 30 running activities, has finally paid off.