My Linux box almost one decade and a half later

I remembered when I was at college about 15 years ago, I had a taste of installing a Linux operating system in my trusty 386 PC,  I think with just about 4MB RAM?  I recalled the exhilarated feeling when I first saw the geeky administrator login prompt.


A decade and a half later, I got the opportunity to install Obuntu, one of many variants of Linux operating system, in my old tablet (TC4400). Prior to this, I had trouble with the tablet’s bootup, even from the external cdrom. Apparently there was some power problem with the motherboard. Fed up with the problem, I decided to boot up using a Obuntu cd that I got over the internet (first yay!), and ended up installing the operating system into my tablet. The power issue never surfaced with a Linux-based system, so I’m happy (second yay!). Within 30 minutes, I got the system setup, and ready for use! (third yay!)

More impressively, I had the system boot up and ready to surf within a minute! (fourth yay). Now I am contemplated to ubuntu-ised my mini-1000 netbook as well…

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