HideSim .. another Windows Mobile Professional Hack


Was bored again, and perhaps irritated. Irritated by the fact that my Windows Mobile device always shows the sim card contacts (who store contacts on SIM card these days?) each time I soft reset the phone, despite carrying out the necessary registry edit to disable the display function. So end up, I created this small utility that will run at every start up, to turn off the “Show Sim” feature. Only applicable to Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional I think, since I don’t encountered such issue when using a Windows Mobile 6.0 standard.

Here’s the Hide Sim Utility

A new version of Hide Sim Utility is updated to allow you to run the program with a time argument. The argument parameter is to denote the program to wait for a certain number of minutes before executing the “hide sim” function. The default time out is 10 sec, but if you find that after a soft reset, you are still seeing the SIM card contacts, you can try to extend the time to 20 sec.