Darren’s creativity

My first muppetLooking at the beauty and creativity of a child, it makes one envy how innocent and pure they are. They make what they see and feel, not interfered by any other happenings, politics, etc that lingers in the air for an adult. The child innocence is so beautiful and really worth to treasure… here are some creative pieces that Darren my godson has created.

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June Holiday with Darren


We have not been to the Night Safari for ages. Wow! so much has changed. The only thing that did not change is that when you walk around, you either see an empty cage or the hind of the animal … haha….but as we took the tram, we get to see many types of animals awake and moving around. The ones we see are mostly nocturnal animals. The animal show is really good. Darren really enjoyed himself totally, until he got a fright at the animal show when the zoo keeper bang close the drain board to create some hype about a hidden python amongst the crowd.



 Well overall, we had good fun. Good to spend some time with family.