StayUnlock at your peril

18 months ago, I created a hack utility called Stayunlock, to overcome the security policy enforced by my company, which requires me to use device lock, and disable the ability to turn off the device lock option.

18 months later, I was forced to use device lock on my smartphone because the utility doesn’t work on smartphone platform, and I was too lazy to port it over.

Many weeks back, after I lost my Treo 500v through a theft, I suddenly appreciate the value of security policy. We always take thing for granted until the day the unexpected hit us.

Just yesterday, I ported the hack utility to the WM5/6 smartphone platform, since there has been some requests on the net asking for it. Even though I have the hack utility running now, I have yet to turn off the device lock feature. In fact, I have stepped up the security further by using a more sophiscated passcode. Such is a ‘success’ story of a change management.



You can download the smartphone edition from this link StayUnlock (Smartphone Edition).