Run for Food: 6KM milestone

Following my latest accomplishment on completing a 5km run, I start to alternate between interval training and endurance run (which is probably just a warm up run in the eyes of the fitter ones :))

6.06km route

Despite a hectic week with all the night conference calls every day, I manage to find time to run before or after the meetings (which would usually be 12 or 1am). 2 sessions after, I decide to extend my endurance run from 40mins to 45mins. Given that I am stretching the duration, I start slow, at pace of 8.07min/km for the first 5 minute. Subsequently I pick up the pace, and maintain a steady but still relatively comfortable pace, at 7.20~7.50min/km. In the last 7min of the run, I feel that I have enough energy to push myself further, so I accelerate to an average pace of about 6.20min/km (and as fast as 5.30min/km at one point). Surprisingly, I do not feel any trace of struggle, and I reckon it is due to the body already very well conditioned after the last 5km of running. It is also due to the fact that I am running under a very cooling weather since I started the run at 12.40am. Heartbeat is also averaging at a decent 146 bpm.  By the time I finish the 45min run, I have completed a distance of 6.06km.

Another milestone achieved. By now, I have completed 42 running activities, covering a distance of 161km.