TopGear Test – Ferrari 612 against Europe ‘integrated’ transport

 TopGear conducted a very interesting test drive. Jeremey from TopGear had to compete against James & Richard, on who would reach Swiss Alps first, from Guildford, southwest of London. But the context of the competition was interesting. Jeremey had to drive the new Ferrari 612, while James & Richard would take the public transport, including coaches, trains, and plane, to the destined place.


Jeremey had a good start obviously, as James & Richard had to first take a coach and train to the airport.  By the time the latter boarded the plane, Jeremey was alread hundreds of mile ahead of them. But the speed of the plane gave James & Richard an huge advantage, and they caught up effortlessly and at one time, they were 250 miles ahead of the ferrari.

During the journey, Jeremey had to contend with roadworks, traffic police, and rattling noise (!) which he soon found it the culprit being the wiper at high speed! Well, if ferrari can have rattling, you have to spare the Saab and Volkswagen for their infamous rattling problems.

Very soon, Jeremey was way behind James & Richard, where the latter landed at Geneva airport. But due to the train waiting time, Jeremey did a good catch up, and very soon, what originally appeared to be a one-sided competition, intensified.

So who won eventually? You should really watch the video .. and I am sure you will enjoy it!