Run for Food: Magic 8

I have not been blogging for a while. Surprisingly, in my third month of running, I am still keeping to the “run on alternate day” regime. There were a couple of instances where I only run after 2 days of rest, either to give my body a well deserved rest, or my body decided to protest (with a flue or something). And since I’m beginning to run longer distance (i.e. more than 6km), I have started alternating my running between 45-50 minutes endurance run versus 30 mins of interval training.

Since my last blog post, there were a couple of magic “8” moments.

On 18th Feb, for the first time, my weight went below 90, and is 80-something now.

Eighty-Something for the first time!

Then on 5th march, for the first time again, I have completed more than 8km of running route.

First 8km attempt

At this time, I have completed 55 running activities, completed 245.33km. Notably, in February, I have covered 92.6km, despite having 5 fewer runs than in month of January. The motivation “Run for Food” continues.

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