Mobile Broadband Comparison Test – M1 vs Starhub

Green (StarHub) vs Orange (M1)



Despite being a long time customer with StarHub, I have decided to sign up a new line with M1, for my Galaxy Tab. I could have just subscribed a second sim card from StarHub, instead of a second line. But a recent incident with StarHub triggered my resolution to look at other options. Signing up M1 gives me the opportunity to evaluate their mobile services. Having lived with a mediocre mobile broadband service from StarHub, I was looking forward to M1’s offering, after all had been said about their services.

Here is the video of the comparison test. Test was carried out by running the speedtest application. I did not perform practical test such as timing of web page loading so that might be the next thing I could do. The outcome of the test was least surprising; On average, M1’s download/upload speed were rated at 1.7Mbps and 2Mbps respectively. StarHub, on the otherhand, scored a measly speed of 250kbps (download) and 125kbps (upload)!  The result was consistent with my frustrating experience all these years, where I even had to convince Starhub about the poor data coverage in areas where I normally surf using my mobile.

So it is high time we exercise our rights as an informed customer;  No more management escalation or contract termination threats. We have to act on our talk. The message (to the poor performing vendor) could not have been clearer when we bring our business somewhere else. In this case, it’s bye bye to Starhub if they continue to slack and do not buck up. Adios!

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