Kops in Singapore

Last Sunday was a Kop day for us. While to some people, it may be just a friendly match between Liverpool and Singapore, to us Reds fanatic fans, it’s a great opportunity to get immersed in the ‘simulated’ Anfield atmostphere.

Thanks to a colleague of mine, we managed to get tickets at the Kop stand, essentially the East stand of National Stadium, specially allocated for Reds fans. Yeez, myself and Kan & Ray together with their parents, were all there ready by 5pm to cheer our favorite players, even though the match was supposed to start only at 7pm.

In between, we were entertained by some incidents, such as this Manchester United fan who had deliberately tried to provoke the fans in the Kop stand by wearing his ManU jersey and walk around. The Reds fans were obviously not welcoming him, and jeering him with chants like “ManU Sucks”

When the game started, the usual familiar Liverpool anthem “You will never walk alone” was played as all the fans stood up and sang along with the scarf holding high up. No doubt it’ll never be the same as Anfield, as some fans commented in the forum, but hey, for Singaporeans, in its most uptight and regimental society, I thought the atmosphere was great.

The game ended up with a 5-0. Took quite alot of photos, as I rented a 100-400mm telephoto lens just for this event.

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