is there miracle in this world?

Last Monday, just as I checked into the hotel at Geneva, I was saddened by the news reports broadcasted by the likes of CNN and BBC channels.

An Air France Airbus jet, En route  to Paris, disappeared 4 hours after it took off from Rio de Janerio. It appeared that the jet had sent some automated electrical fault messages to the control tower before vanishing in the air. The storm had appeared to cause some electrical failure, and consequently endangered the flight operation.

As I first heard this shocking news, I was hoping that it’s just a case of plane losing radio contact with the control tower temporarily, was circling around the stormy weather, etc. Anything but a crash. There was hope for some miracles, and I am sure every human being on this earth would have prayed for that.

When the rescue team found out that the debris and oil slick  discovered earlier are not related to the Airbus jet, suddenly there’s hope again. But yesterday, with the rescue team finally confirmed that the recovered seat’s serial number belongs to the lost jet, and two bodies were found, all hopes were dashed completely.

Is there really miracle in this world? I don’t know.

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