Peanut Butter Craze


If you are a peanut butter lover like me, you absolutely must not miss the chance to getting yourself this (sorry if you can’t read Chinese) if you ever travel to Taiwan. The peanut butter is the most smooth and silky one I have ever tried. Just to prove a point how obsessed I am with this brand of peanut butter. I first bought a bottle when I travel to Taiwan more than 10 years ago for my reservist oversea stint. Last year, when I made a holiday trip to Taiwan again, I made a point that one of my holiday destinations was 新竹 so that I could get it.

But it can be quite a PITA to get one from outside of Taiwan. And recently, I found out an alternative option, which you can easily get hold locally. Just President butter and Jiff peanut butter. The combination rocks!

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