Hack more

Yeah hack more.This  is the phrase that’s always found in the online games FPS (first person shooter) game like soldier front, where the kids will always cry and whine each time they got killed by their opponents.

But this has nothing to do with  that. In fact, the title may be irrelevant to what I am trying to share in this blog post. It just happened that recently, my nephew had commented that my blog is getting boring, it’s all about mobile phones, and nothing interesting.

Generation gap?

The truth is, few things I like to share next has to do with gadgets, again! Firstly, I had just sold my Samsung i780, in anticipation for the cool HTC Touch pro. Never in my life would I have imagined getting HTC product, as I sweared after seeing how horrible their after sales service were. In all honesty, those ‘ugly’ incidents were in the past, and HTC seems to have improved on their after sales service recently. But the deciding point has to be the coolness factor found in its latest flagship models. I’m still waiting, rather impatiently I must add, for Starhub to have it available on their shop, while its competitors like Singtel are already selling the model like hotcakes over the weekend 😦  Where art thou, Starhub?

Next, I have earlier created a utility to set the “ShowSim” registry so that the SIM card contacts will not appear in WM6 phones. Upon initial feedbacks, I have enhanced it so that it will always run in the background, as it was noted that some users had experienced that the setting got reset back after a period of usage. To stop it from running, just re-run the program again, and it will stop 🙂



You may download this beta version through this link

Disclaimer: I have no physical WM phone with me to test out this version, but had been relying on emulator. 

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