Omnia … Oh my next i-phone alternative

Yeez had been working late for the last few days, and today was no difference. Instead of going home alone, I decided to drop by Vivo City’s Samsung retail outlet to take a second look of Samsung i780, to spend my time off. . I ended up checking out on the latest Samsung’s Omnia. And I got to say, it was a time well spent!

I got to first put a disclaimer, that the next few paragraphs merely recapitulate my first impression of the gadget, after a brief 20 minutes fiddle. Yes, I was playing with the phone for 20 minutes, oblivious of the people around me trying to get their hands on the demo set.


First thing I noticed was the accelerometer feature as I tried to maneuver the gadget around to appreciate every angle of the sleek design. The display auto-toggles between landscape and portrait mode smoothly without any sign of glitches, as the phone tilts accordingly.  Thumb up!

Navigating the phone is a breeze too. The touchscreen is sensitive, yet accurately responds to the finger movements and touch. The acid test was when I tried to compose a short message using the qwerty SIP (software input panel). I always have major reservation against texting using SIP, especially with a keyboard SIP. That was further epitomized by my earlier experience with iPhone’s qwerty keyboard, which makes backspace key indispensable. Even with my fat fingers, texting is a breeze, even if the phone is in portrait mode. Two thumbs up for that!

The other thing that impressed me was the software to enhance the basic navigation experience. Some of the essential functions like PIM, media browser and playback, camera, phone have been specially customised by Samsung. At least it is not the same old user interface that you would find in other Windows Mobile devices. While it does not have the fancy touch flick control that Apple had fronted in its flagship iPhone, it is intuitive enough to make one ponder why this isn’t part of a Windows Mobile standard offering. An average Joe might not even realise that this is a Windows Mobile based device, although there’re still some reminisce of the Microsoft mobile operating system with the good old Windows dialogue boxes, etc-cetera.  Another thumb up although no thanks for the “nostelgic feeling”.

Although I didn’t get to test it out, but the phone comes with other tonnes of features such as GPS, FM Radio, TV-out, etc that really makes this gadget not just another ordinary mobile phone. This could even be a worthy iPhone-alternative. All I know was that I went to the Samsung shop to check out i780 as a potential candidate to replace my trusty Q9h, but I came out with (confused) with more options. Omnia has effectively made my long-standing requirement for a phone — “my next phone must have a onboard qwerty keyboard” archaic.

6 thoughts on “Omnia … Oh my next i-phone alternative

  1. iphone says:

    Its a good iphone copy, that much I would say. Samsung should come up with something original instead of just copying the iPhone ID. tsk tsk tsk

  2. ChiaFong says:

    That’s interesting, a SIP that is easy to use. Is it comfortable to hold? iPhone is too wide to hold comfortably in my hand and I thought my hand is quite big already.

  3. benjamin says:

    hi, played with it just 2 hours ago, but it feel a bit laggy..maybe too many running programs behind, but the interface is neat..luv it…

    if samsung make the screen bigger, think it would be a great hit…hehehe

    let see how much is the price..

  4. actually Omnia feels narrower than iPhone, and I find it quite okay for me to hold and do texting. I’m also surprised that I can actually do texting with ease, using SIP.

    According to Samsung retail store, it’s priced at $1099 w/o contract.

    As for the comments that Samsung should not just do a clone of iPhone, my take is Omnia is not a clone, but a serious contender to compete against iPhone.

  5. Cow says:

    The Omnia a iphone copy? Haha…. spend some time with it and do lots more things that an iphone cannot do.

    The iphone cannot match the Omnia in functionality.

  6. Creative says:

    Iphone sucks to core,

    Pls dun copy the MIGHTY WM6.1 to sucky, functionless lousy backdated ugly IPHONE.

    u insulted all WM6.1 users just like comparaing a Cherry QQ to a Lambo

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