The Art of Answering Questions …

When we were young, we were taught to answer to the point. As we grow up, somehow, we started to acquire the art of drifting, as we answer any question …

Just this morning, I picked up a magazine and came across this reader column, where a reader asked about a certain fuel product found in our Northern neighbouring country. He was enquring about the difference between the said product and similiar product that is found in our local market. I guess it’s natural that one questions about the product differences, especially if the product informations are not forthcoming. So I thought the question was a legitimate one.

As usual, the company’s public relation department responded upon the interview, with an attempt to shed some lights over any potential product differences. Not wanting to quote the entire article, here’s a gist of what the PR guy replied;

Question: What’s the difference between the two products?

Answer: The fuel specifications depend on country-specific legislations and  requirements, and the addictives are formulated based on the actual needs of our customer requirements.

Question: Are you planning to introduce this product in Singapore?

Answer: We constantly review the needs of each market and if there’s a great interest in Singapore, we ‘ll consider introducing it.

Damn politically right answer. But informative? You decide.


4 thoughts on “The Art of Answering Questions …

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