my unlucky weekend

On monday i stayed at home… it was boring….
CAuse The whole day.. Hw,Play,eat,

Nth very interesting derzz…..

Tuesday i Went to school Hor… Teacher made us do Experiment…
Have to do it with some don’t-know-a-lot-about-experiment the ppl…

Recess Couldn’t Play well in soccer,
Donno why,
Just keep missing the ball…
Then got scolded by teacher

Wednesday got P.E, But bcos of,
PSLE, we had to watch movie in air-con room instead of P.E…
So sianz… miss 1 Table-tennis lesson Lehz…

Thursday Nothing…
Accept that Gotta learn chinese spelling, Sianz,,,

Aha! Friday Most unlucky. lemme tell u why,
1st hor… i drew on my Cd marker my friend say sumthing i scared
Make my Hair stand on end

Then Soccer time Lost ….
Hiya.. maybe i not Fit enough…

Then what i buy for my mother Broke..
a $1 Bracelet leh!
So unlucky..

Then got back Dictation…
wah, marks so low

Chinese spelling Missed out so many words..
Am i okay today anot…

Signing off
Joncell Aka TYK

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