Welcome to my blog

After maintaining my personal website (http://www.zenyee.com)for the past 2 years, the passion is starting to wear off. The need to maintain updated content, and updated portal platform, is killing me, and hence I am trying out a new strategy now …

Well, the strategy is simple. Instead of maintaining and updating the latest tool and software to improve the interface of the portal, I have decided to put my money on providers who will take care of the capability delivery, while I focus on updating relevant content.

But alas, there is not really one provider who meet all my needs, and the closest one is actually Multiply.com. Eventually, I put my money in a few provider. From now onwards, all the digital photos what we share, videos streaming that you watch, and the news article that you read, are provided by Fotki.com, VideoAddon.com, and Blog-city.com respectively.

Will this work? We will see. In the meantime, it's whole load of content migration from http://www.zenyee.com


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