Change Color position ready … Color Change !

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One night, after a tiring flight from Cupertino CA, back from a week long business meeting, I just want to have a good bath and slipped into my comfortable home bed. But there on the bed, awaits a pleasant surprise for me, and upon opening up the surprises, I realised that my beloved wife has given me a wonderful birthday gift that I would have never dare to imagine. 'A painting re-spray job for my beloved Bora!' my eyes tell me and I was dumbfolded instantaneously. My wife was smiling in the background, and I know she loves doing all these car modification stuff with me just because she loves me deeply.

'Thank you so much, yeez … this article is dedicated specially to you'.

After exploring a few spray painting shops, we narrowed down to one shop called Yew Lip at Sin Ming. We were greeted by a very friendly young and sexy lady boss, whose father is in this painting business for decades, and obviously she's trying to pick some skills from him after rumouredly being a stewardess for years.

Mr Big Boss look at my car, and could not help but repeatedly smile and quietly praising the quality of the paintwork that is currently on my car. He certainly looks pleasant and friendly to me, perhaps that is where his daughter picked up this trait from.

We did not discuss much on the price, it was a rather fast and prompt negotiation of price, considering that it costs more than a thousand just to repaint the entire car. The foreman came forward as well, and upon inspecting the work required out from this job, he nodded his head repeatedly with a quiet sense of confidence.

To start off with, I gave Yew Lip the colour code of my desire paint colour to be coated on my ride. 'LD7X' is the code for Volkswagen Platinium grey, a colour that mersmerised many VWVortexer, including yours truly. Yew Lip proceeded to prepare the paint formula based on the given code.

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'2K' SPIES HECKER germany paint is being used, great quality paint according to the this thread and is now owned by Dupont.

The entire process took us more than 10 days. Various parts of the car were stripped to its bare, including the door interior panels, the side mirrors, the boot inner linen cover, door handle, bumpers and many more items. The folks have been very patient and careful in removing the items, and when they broke a couple of items as they dismantle the parts, they have them replaced with new parts without question asked!

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Cars in its most naked form

After a long enduring wait, the car was finally out from oven literally, and we were pretty happy with the outcome, except for a few blemishes which we took it to ADSM for further touchup. But make no mistake, Yew lip has provided an exellent service and deliver quality workmanship based on the price point they have offer us. Two thumbs up for them.

Before After
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More pictures of ride wearing its new coat of paint.

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