Aspiring to be a TT, with a TT pedal covers

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For the uninitiated, one of the beauty of Volkswagen and Audi cars is the fact that they are all built based on some common platforms, according to the model category. Possibly, at least 60% of the parts are common parts, with some part variants exists in one make / model based on the particular make product design and marketing requirements.

To cut the long story short, my Bora benefits from such 'leverage' program. In the case of foot pedals, Bora's stock rubber pedals can be easily removed and replaced by Audi TT's pedals, for both automatic and manual transmission models.

Original Audi TT parts from Audi Germany
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Comparison of Stock Bora rubber gas pedal, and Audi TT gas pedal.

Click here for large imageClick here for large image

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