A purple and yellow coil spring. Will it sachs for that premium price?

Click here for larger image Experience of sports suspension vs coilover

I can't help but sing praise for my 5 month old suspension setup.

After fixing all the irritating rattles and squeaks, I found that riding over bumps and stripes can be so enjoyable *Smile*

With a comfort-bias tyre like Aspecdb, I didn't necessarily have missed out the joy of hard cornering. Maybe it's compromised alittle, but it feels so good when you corner at 100km/h on a slip road and the car is still under your control.

Looking back, I did not regret much on the decision to go for a particular brand of sports cupkit suspension . Not to be mistaken that as sort of the buy of the year, on contrary, it helps me to appreciate the beauty of the setup I have today.

Interestingly speaking, when I first switch on to that sports suspension, the journey back home was the worst ride to-date. My wife and myself got a severe headache as the bump is simply too pronounce. Run-in period lah, as you may said, and true enough, the ride shortly settled down, and ride revert back to a more acceptable level.

As they say, "Suffer if you don't listen to the old folks tale". The ride never gets better, and very soon, in 6 months time, my teeth juddered like it's coming out anytime.

Luckily for me, my suspension lesson was partially sponsored for by some good kind soul, who kindly bought over the setup at 1/2 the price, damn good price for it, and since he loves the cornering and ride characteristic of the setup, why not. At least I know I cannot compromise comfort just for a decent handling. There must be a perfect ride somewhere out there.

Well there seems to be one. Otherwise, I KWA WAT liao. Thanks to the guy who call me cheapskate initially when I insisted that cupkit suspension cannot be worst off that much compare to a coilover. But hey, at least I didn't spend twice the amount just to find out there's other coilover that's better.

If I can slam my car now fully, I would love to do that, but doing so will render my car becoming a bump scrapper.

until I find the next better player, this will be my choice of suspension again if I happen to change my car next time. Or rather, I should say, I must change a car that falls within a list of application of this choice of suspension.

author is not liable for any reader's experience that differs from what was described when fitted with author's choice of suspension. Author merely hopes to share his own perspective that coil is no longer over, and most importantly, he gets his free gift finally from the distributor

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