Bright up my days … with Hella universal foglight & 6000K cool xenon bulb

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All sports cars come with flashy fog light. Alright, this is just an ego statement. But being someone who emphasis alot on the styling of my ride, I find my ride missing with some thing, just like a lady going into glamourous party without putting on mascara. Oh wait, yes, there is no fog light on my ride. Nevermind that I have already upgraded my stock headlight to HID one, doesn't matter that my HID is so bright that fog light serve little purposes. I just need to complete that look!

With my projektzwo front bumper, there is no aftermarket fog lights that could fit onto my bumper without any customisation. Ong Hock Chye's Ah Soon, the man who made my day with the HID retrofitting, came to rescue once more. He did a very good salesman talk on me, convincing me that I should just go with Hella MicroDE Universal fog light system, and he will take care of the rest of customisation.

True enough, his words are his commitment. And the results show why he's the man when it comes to customisation job!

Obviously, you need to remove the bumper. The wiring to the fog light will basically be leveraging from the existing stock wire relays, which already had provision for fog light in the stock headlight, but are no longer used because of the HID headlight retrofit.

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Ah-Soon did a fantastic job in finding a good position for the fog light to be mounted securely. Look closely into the pictures below, you realised that the fog lights are just mounted on one of the bumper internal structure! Clever move!

Click here for large imageClick here for large image

Close up of the fog light and its mounting position

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Tapping the wires from the existing headlight harness

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By the way, Ah soon did another salesman talk on me and I was led by the nose basically, as I also upgraded my HID bulb to Philips Cool Xenon 6000K!

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Front view of my ride with fog light fitted

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More pictures will be uploaded soon, to show the setup when completed, and the differences between 4100K and 6000K HID lumination.

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