youth violence

The recent youth-involving violences had waken up the nation.

It is easy to brush off such violences by placing the blame squarely on the gangsters. They are after all, society menaces, in the eyes of the public. But the recent cases revealed more than that. The attackers involved were mostly in their late teens age, with even one of them reportedly to be just 8 years old.

On paper, they may be part of the gang, or even a secret society. In reality, they could be just teens who have misplaced loyalty for criminal but yet stupidity, rash acts. Do these teens really get involved in those illegal activities such as drug trafficking, loan sharking, etc? I don’t think they do, or if they do, they might be doing just to show off to their peers how ‘strong’ and ‘influential’ they are.

Confucius once said,

少未定,壮而刚,老而衰 的是血气;戒于色,戒于斗,戒于得的是志气。君子养其志气,故 不为血气所动

In a nutshell, one needs to manage his own aspiration from young, restrain from all the negative influences, so that the excessive energy, especially when you are young, will not be channeled into some foolish consequences.