My Fruits of Labour

Close-up ChilliChilli Plant“Wealth Plant”Rare Flower

Wow, so much being a non-green finger person. The feeling is so good to see my plants flowered (though many people told me it is rare for such plants to have flowers) and my Chilli plant full of small chilli padi sprouting out of the flowers. It never felt so good before to see plants bloom so beautifully under your own hands. I always believe if one is preservance and patient, miracles will happen. Well, at least out of 3 pots of chilli plants, I still have 2, as one is infested by small furry worms from the soil provided by the garden. The soil I bought from Cold Storage, seems ok and there is no infection. Phew! at least I saved 2 plants, if not my efforts will all be down the drain….:) more to come.

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