About Zenyee.com

Zenyee.com was initiated in 2002, to document all the car modification information. Year 2002 was a crazy year for my wife, Yee, and myself, particularly on the way how we non-stop modify our VW ride after owning it for a year. (yes! it's we, not just myself!) It's also the year where we started to get in touch with fellow Veedubbers, folks from the VW community.

Prior to Zenyee.com, there has been many attempt to create my own personal site. Not that I am not technically inclined, nor I lack of art gene (if you allow me to be bullish about it) to design a pleasant looking web site. An individual site, is almost like a commercial site, it needs alot of follow up activities to keep the site relevant. It needs alot of perseverance to keep the site running, instead of losing the interest after a month of effort.

Not that a personal site like Zenyee.com needs to stay relevant to keep the traffic coming, and to service its readers. A personal site, is afterall, personal. It needs not care about how others feel about the content relevancy or whether they are excited or interested about the content. Still, it need to stay relevant, particularly with regards to time. Zenyee.com, like most successful personal sites I presume, is like a cyber diary to Yee and myself. While there are at times moments of inner thoughts that we want to keep in privacy, there are alot of times, we just want to pen down our thoughts, and share with our family and friends because we think it's essential part of our harmony socialisation.

Anyhow, enough of chanting, let this be start of more thought-provoking articles to be shared. In the meantime, one thing for sure, the car mod page and content will continue to flood in, just couldn't come to terms with the thought that a car is just a transport!

Happy New Year!

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