Virtual Angel Eye hallucination — LED city bulb customisation

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For some reason, my city halogen light bulbs (H6W) always blew off after 8 to 12 weeks of usage, particularly on the driver side (for RHD car). Upon closer observation, the driver side headlight housing is covered, mainly to provide an air induction routing for air intake. It is likely that this design, couple with the excess heat generated by the xenon light, that cause the light bulb to be blown off easily. Well, just a 'scientific-not-proven but an attempt to be logical' attempt to explain the phenomenon!

Click here for larger imageClick here for larger imageLED Trying to find a reliable halogen H6W bulbs in the market is akin to finding a needle in the ocean! To date, only certain mercedez benz ride is using H6W for their city lighting purposes, and they definitely do not come cheap!

It was imperative for me to find one that is robust and reliable, regardless of its price tag. The cost saving of changing a bulb every 3 months justify a pricey tag, if that is what it takes.

bulbs are supposed to withstand heat better (as long as it is operating within a given heat range), and less chances of fusing off due to its diode based technology as compared to filament based halogen bulbs.

However, there are none in the market that has LED in H6W format, and therefore some customisation is requied once more to make this happen!

The closest LED bulbs I can find in the market (from but now readily available in local market) is a 2 pin one like the one on the left.

The main difference between this LED bulb, and conventional H6W bulb, lies on their connector pin location, as shown below. The left picture shows the LED bulb with the 2 pins position at 180 degree angle, while the H6W bulb has the pins positioned at 270 degree angle.

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Because of the pin location, the LED bulb will not be able to fit into the bulb socket without filing off one of the pin. The trick therefore is to file away the positive point (LED bulbs have polarity requirement), so that the bulb can be slotted into the socket easily without any blockage, while continuing to provide contact point to the socket.

When the bulbs are fitted and litted up,

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They create the ring effect, giving it a 'virtual bimmer angel eye look'!

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